Best Tips To Speed Up Windows 11 CPU and battery performance


Windows 11 has finally been released for general users. It includes a variety of new features. You can easily modify the Start menu or the Taskbar.

The UI has been updated to be more modern and user-friendly. Microsoft has made improvements to the performance department, including memory management, disk usage, and app prioritization. These are just a few of the many factors that affect CPU and battery performance.


6 Way To Speed Up Windows 11 

1. Restart or Update

This is the easiest way to check for updates and is also one of those things that can be helpful. First, go to Settings menu > Windows Update > Check for new updates. Update if you find anything that isn’t already there and then restarts.

However, it’s not always easy if your old laptop is running Windows 11. Optimizing Windows 11 is therefore essential. This article will provide tips and tricks to speed up Windows 11 performance.

We present another tutorial about how to speed Windows 11 up and increase its performance.

There are many options available to speed up Windows 11 on your device. To learn more, you can expand the table and click on any section.

If your system is current, it’s not a problem to restart it. This will help you with any one-off problems that can slow down your computer. This is temporary and may cause problems again.

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2. Disable Startup Apps/Programs

To speed up Windows 11’s boot time, disable startup programs. These programs are what you see when your computer turns on. These programs can be disabled by following these steps.

3. Debloat Windows 11

Another option is to debloat Windows 11 to increase the performance. You can find a detailed guide to debloating Windows 11 here. It does everything in one click, including disabling Cortana and uninstalling unwanted packages and apps such as OneDrive.

It also adjusts privacy settings to stop telemetry services from running in the background, which can eat most of the system’s resources.

4. Modify Power Mode

You can adjust the power plans in Windows 11 to get the best performance and the longest battery life. This will optimize Windows 11 using the correct settings to get the best performance.

This tutorial will show you how to change the power mode in Windows 11. You can find more Windows 11 Settings you should modify for a better experience in our linked article.

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5. Defragment your Hard Disk

Over time files can get scattered on your hard drive, which can slow down your system’s performance. You can solve this problem by defragmenting the hard drive using the defragment tool.

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