List of Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2023

Here is the list of top 10 best selling mobile companies, brands in India. Best top 10 mobile phones in India with price 2023.


Here is list of top 10 mobile brands in India. You have reached the right place. In the present content, I will be discussing best phones.

Let’s give you a brief introduction of my experience in the industry and specialization. I have been a consultant for last 17 years. Yes, I started my career as instrumentation engineer for a top oxygen gas plant engineering company.

Here, my job was to integrate PLC system to automate various functions of air separation plants. Then, I joined a leading telecommunication company. I honed my skills of instrumentation in the designing and fabricating of telecommunication machinery.

Coming back to the mobile brands in India, the data indicates that there has been a steady growt,h year-on-year sale of smartphones. Samsung is heading the growth chart with impressive performance. Next, you have Xiaomi returning superb surge in sales since 2013. Similarly, Lenovo has also achieved steady growth in its business.

mobile brands in india

The West Bengal chief minister became the first person in Aug 1995 to make a mobile call to Union Telecom Minister Sukhram. Again, Kolkata became the first Indian city to get the services of 4G services.


Samsung Electronics has now become the most reputed mobile brand in India. The electronics major came into being in 1969 in South Korea.   The electronics major manufactures smartphones, tablets and numerous other home appliances.

Samsung Group company controls around 45.9% market share of Google Android in India. There is no denying the fact it is among the top 10 mobile brands in India.

Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi Mobile has become  a leading mobile phone manufacturer in China since its inception in 2011.  Their first smarphone was a smash hit with the customers.  Within short of span of three years, it has become the largest mobile manufacturer in China.

By the year 2018, the Chinese mobile maker has become the 5th largest mobile manufacturing company in the world. They sell millions of smartphones through flash sales in India.


Lenovo is a leading Chinese smartphone maker offering mobile phones in various price caps. Moreover, the Beijing based company also manufactures and supplies tablets, laptops, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices and many more.

They also make and sell Motorola brand products. However, the company was slow to join the mobile manufacturing market. But, they managed to forge ahead and enter the top 10 mobile brands in India.

top mobile brands in india


Vivo is a reputed Chinese mobile phone maker located in Guangdong, China. The Chinese company has added millions of customers since its incorporation in 2009. It specializes in making low-cost and medium range Android smartphones.The Chinese mobile maker has cornered around 3% market in the Indian smartphone market. Their most popular feature is their camera.


OPPO is a premier Chinese company manufacturing consumer electronics.  Since its launch in 2004, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer made quick progress in acquiring a huge base of customers all over the world including India.

Besides, it also manufacturers and offers wide range of electronic devices including Blu-ray players. In India, the company has acquired a sizeable market share of the smartphone market.

LG Mobiles

LG Mobiles is one of the 3rd largest mobile phone makers in the world. Company’s mid-range mobile phones are very popular with the customers. The company has got an innovative of mobile phones but it is facing stiff competition from other players in the mobile phone market.

Moreover, the South Korean major also makes other consumer electronic products including multi-media players, TVs, laptops and many more.


Apple started as personal computer Company from a garage in 1976. Later on, the company started making mobile phones with its own mobile operating system, iOS. It released its first iphone on June 29, 2007. The company has so far brought out 13 editions of its flagship product.

However, Apple products have strong brand value and come in the upper price bracket. The US based company introduces new features from time to time.  Now, they have introduced a brand new facial recognition system and revamped camera.  Company’s performance has been superb with its revenue doubling every year.


Nokia started as a pulp mill in 1865. It also did business in rubber and cables. In the 1990s, the Finnish company moved into telecom infrastructure, mobile telephony, and technology development. At one time, it was the largest mobile maker in the world.

From 1998 to the 2000s, the telecom major dominated the mobile phone market. Later on, the company suffered huge losses on account of some bad losses.  After the entry of Android phones, the Finnish company could not compete. Afterwards, Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft.  Even now it is the 4th largest selling mobile brand in India.

mobile brands in india in 2023


OnePlus offers fabulous mid-range mobile phones that have caught the fancy of customers. The Chinese company has leveraged its flagship product with world-class features and specifications. On entering the Indian mobile market in 2014, it introduced its flagship model OnePlus One as their 1st product. No denying, the OnePlus flagship phone was in direct competition with the flagship products of Samsung and other leading manufacturers.

In terms of performance, the company‘s mobile phone received favorable reception. On account of price, it was the best devices in its range. On the quality front, it did well against the mobile phones of the leading companies.


HTC is a leading OEM in Taiwan designing handsets for a number of companies.  Cher Wang and Peter Chou founded the Taiwanese based HTC Corp in 1997. HTC Dream was the first Android phone the company introduced in the market. At one time, it became one of the popular brands in smartphones.

There is no denying the fact that it was the NO.1 mobile phone manufacturer in Taiwan. With the rise of Chinese telecom giants, HTC simply could not keep up. As result, Taiwanese mobile maker sold its design and research to Google for USD 1.1 billion. Instead, it ventured into other businesses including virtual reality displays.

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