Best UgCS compatible drones for surveying operations.


Drones technology is a field of science and technology that is evolving at a rapid rate, with newer and newer innovations and developments.

Besides photographic and content creation usages, drones serve a variety of other purposes as well, like defence usage, surveying, logistics, and numerous others. One of the forerunners in the field of drone software and sensor integration is the ugcs enterprise. Here, we will be taking a look at the various compatible drones and how systems like magdrone help improve their efficiency and capacities immensely.

Let’s take flight

So before venturing further, it is crucial to understand what drones actually are. These are unmanned aerial vehicles that are either remotely operated or autonomously controlled. As aforementioned, drones come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, each designed specifically to fit a specific purpose. Small pocket drones from Dji are frequently used for videography purposes while massive drones like the General Atomic’s Predator and Northrup Grumman’s Global Hawk drones are widely used for combat and reconnaissance missions by various defence forces around the world. Besides these rather obvious applications of UAVs or drones, they are widely used for surveying and mapping purposes as well, and developers like ugcs enterprise have innovated software and services that make this process possible. Let us take a brief look at some of the drones and their usability in these conditions.


M600/600 pro drones-

  • Latest in the line of industrial drones from the house of DJI, the M600 is well suited for survey and mapping applications.
  • They feature a pretty decent range, with remote operability.
  • They are pretty sturdy as well. If you intend to use these for surveying purposes, you can use a magdrone R4 system, paired up with the compatible UgCS software, and reliably use it to survey mines, terrain, gas leaks, etc. While using this drone, you can use the ugcs command and control solution to live stream a feed of the process to a remote device.

M300 drones-

  • Featuring state-of-the-art position and motion sensing, advanced AI, and long battery life, the matrice 300 is built like a tank as well. Combined with the magdrone R4, this nifty industrial drone is a reliable, efficient, and intelligent partner when it comes to mapping, surveying, and other high-performance activities.

DJIM100 drones-

  • The matrice 100 is a reliable and relatively cost-efficient drone that would do everything that you ask of it and more. It is easy to maintain and is pretty compact as well when compared to its bigger siblings. The capabilities of this drone can be immensely improved when mated with UgCS software and sensors.

Inspire 2 drones-

  • If you are looking for speed, agility, and maneuverability, then the inspire 2 is a perfect fit for you. This drone can hit a top speed of 94kmph while accelerating to 80kmph within 5 seconds. When matched with the compatible ugcs enterprise software package, this speed demon can execute landmine, powerline, and other surveying missions at a rapid pace, so that your workflow is never hindered.

Phantom 4 drones-

  • Arguably one of the most popular drones from the house of DJI, the Phantom 4 can be used effectively for most applications, thanks to its robust build and powerful engines. When combined with the compatible UgCS system on a desktop, this drone can execute survey and photogrammetry missions with relative ease.

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DJI Mavic pro drones-

  • This drone is the real-life example of the term, pocket rocket. Although pretty compact in its dimensions, this is a fast drone with respectable photography and videography capabilities. If compared to the other aforementioned drones, its size makes it a perfect fit for smaller missions or one that requires being discreet. The appropriate software package can greatly boost its potential and make it a perfect survey tool.

DJI Phantom 3 drones-

  • A precursor of the Phantom 4, this drone has one of the simplest user interfaces of any drone available on the market. It is just as powerful as the Phantom 4, and a 4K camera can be attached to this drone as well, boosting its videography capabilities. These strengths make it a perfect platform for attaching the magdrone R4 pod, while the UgCS software can turn this into a surveying powerhouse.
    • Perimeter 8 drones-

  • A true beast of an industrial drone, the perimeter 8 can lift a load of 7.5kg, while having a range of 10km and a battery backup of 1 hour. This life can be further extended depending on the payload. The magdrone system can be easily attached to this drone and surveying agricultural plots, mines, powerlines, forests, etc. would be a breeze.
    • The X4-1000 drones- 

  • An extremely balanced package, the X4-1000 can lift loads of 14kg while equipped with an hour’s autonomous capability. The drone is extremely robust and used in almost every condition. The magdrone and other UgCS survey systems can be easily attached to the X4-1000 and the software packages would ensure easy and effective workflow.

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Final take: 

Drone technology is revolutionizing a number of industries, and the survey and mapping sector is no stranger to this development as well. The aforementioned drones, combined with a magdrone R4, are some of the best when it comes to doing the work at hand. With the comprehensive and compatible software package from ugcs enterprise, these drones are a perfect fit for survey and mapping.

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