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5 Office Yoga Positions to Maintain Your Calm

Don’t want to return to the office, get back to work, and face the pressures and stresses of daily life? And yes, such days do exist! To learn more about yoga poses join Yoga Training in Rishikesh. Here are 5 positions to do in the office to keep your passion going.

The seated cat pose (Majariasana)

Typically, this pose is done on all fours on a carpet. Because you don’t have the necessary equipment or even the necessary room in the office, here is the seated version. Exactly as effective!

The approach is to sit on the edge of your chair, back straight, and both hands on your thighs. Fix a point between your brows or on a stationary object. Take a deep breath in and exhale by wrapping your arms over your back and bringing your head to your chest.

Raise your head, chin, and stomach forward, and slightly arch your back when inspired. Repeat this sequence for multiple deep breaths, at least five.

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Half Moon Pose While Seated (Ardha Chandrasana)

The method is to sit up straight in your chair and breathe deeply. Raise your arms above your head and grip your right wrist with your left hand on the inhale, then bend to the right to form a “C” with your ribs on the exhale.

Return to the centre after a few breaths in this position. Change direction, grip your left wrist with your right hand, etc., and hold for a few more breaths, arms still above your head.

The only form with hands is the eagle pose (Garudasana)

This eagle pose variation allows you to remain seated in your office chair while stretching your shoulders and back. As with any other position, begin by sitting up straight and breathing deeply.

Raise your arms in front of you and your forearms so that your fingers point to the sky when inspired. Then, at the level of the inside of the elbow, cross your left arm over your right. Wrap your left arm around your right such that your palms come to oppose and press on each other (as much as possible), thumbs facing you.

Lift your arms to the sky as you exhale, fingertips protruding from the top of your head: remember to raise your arms fully and keep your elbows at chest level. Stay for a few breaths before repeating the pose in the opposite direction.

Another excellent position for relaxing the shoulders and back is the downward facing dog, the half-dog variant (Ado Mukha Svanasana)

This upside-down dog pose is performed standing, facing a wall or your chair if it is (extremely) solid. Begin by facing the wall with your feet slightly apart (1 to 2 cm max) and your hands on the wall facing you.

Push your hands against the wall and step your feet back, toward the floor, as you exhale. Keep your back straight at all times. Stop your “reverse” when you feel at ease; the idea is to unwind! Stay in this position for many breaths before slowly returning to the starting position.

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The standing forward bend position (Uttanasana)

There is no need for a chair for this position; everything is done standing up. Stand up straight with your back straight and try to touch your toes with your hands or fingers on the exhale.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it! You should probably grip your ankles. Be careful not to press your hands on your knees when bending; you could injure yourself if you do. Allow your arms to dangle down in this scenario.

Remember to relax the muscles in your shoulders. Stay in this position for a few breaths, attempting to go a little more in the posture with each exhalation, without ever forcing.

Office yoga poses benefits

The benefits of office yoga poses are numerous and include improved focus, reduced stress, improved circulation, and improved circulation in the entire body. Office yoga poses can also be helpful in improving health and well-being in the workplace. There are many benefits to practicing office yoga poses. One benefit is that they can help improve your flexibility. The poses can also help improve your posture and daily routine. Additionally, the poses can help improve your overall well-being. If you are looking to improve your daily routine, practicing office yoga poses can be a great way to start.

There are many benefits to practising office yoga poses. Here are just a few:

1. Increased mental focus and focus on tasks.

2. Increased energy and productivity.

3. Increased strength and range of motion.

4. Reduced stress and tension headaches.

5. Improved circulation and better skin health.

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