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The students of every age group, no matter what they are studying for, have to write down essays. Although the topic of the essays depends upon the course, they are pursuing or the books they are studying. The essays can be of any kind, such as an expository essay stating your own feelings or experiences, a descriptive essay that helps the readers visualize the things told, a persuasive essay where you persuade the readers with your viewpoint or a narrative essay that explains a story. The motive and the objective of the work you are doing or the subject you are studying shape the type of essay that you write. Therefore, you must have complete knowledge and understating of the distinct essay types. It will help you in curating an outstanding essay. Therefore, we have provided essay writing service you with the distinct of each type of essay written by the expert essay editors.

The Primary Essay Types

There are various types of essays, but the main essay types explained by expert essay editors online are given below. These four are also the ones that the students are mostly assigned. Have a look at them to enhance your knowledge and create an outstanding essay the next time you write one.

Narrative Essay: It is the type of essay that makes the reader reminded of a memory or experience. The experience that you will talk about can be of any kind. It can be the very first day of your job or an adventurous trip that you took with your friends.

Almost all academic writings are written in the third person form. But, this is the one which you can write down using first-person pronouns. Usage of the first-person pronouns helps in making the story sound more realistic and authentic to the audience.

If you wish to create an excellent narrative essay, then remember to include descriptive and visualizing adjectives in it. It will not only help you in curating an outstanding essay but will also improvise your creative writing skills, which will help you in making future write-ups as well.

Descriptive Essay: This essay type is almost relatable to the narrative essay form in the ways that the use of imagery is done extensively in this type too. And the descriptive essay can also help you in learning the process of creating fiction in a write-up or story.

In a descriptive essay, you have to explain and describe the qualities and attributes of a place, person or thing. You can also communicate the analogy and meaning with the help of your words. Following these things stimulates sensory receptors and emotions in the minds of the readers. It makes them feel as if they are a part of the story you have described.

One of the brilliant techniques of improvising the quality of this write-up is to find an object that sounds fascinating to you and record each and every minor detail of the same you see in it in a literary and artistic method.

Expository Essay: You must have seen the expository writing style before if you have ever gone through a newspaper or read something on an online website. All these writing styles explain the main purpose of expository writing. This type of essay provides a balanced and fair examination of a subject. It does so by providing the readers with appropriate facts, examples and statistics.  So that the readers can come up with their own thoughts and opinions. Always remember that an expository essay is a writing style that informs the readers and not to persuade.

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The Distinct Types of Expository Writings 

The expository essays are of various types. You can have a look at the explanation of a few of them in brief given by the professional essay editors below:

  • Compare and Contrast: The motive of this writing style is to come up with an argument by comparing the similarities and dissimilarities of two or more subjects. This structure is very helpful for examining historical occurrences that are divided by the decades or distinct literary works of separate literary movements.
  • Cause and Effect: This type of writing is done to ascertain why an event occurred. It is done by investigating the factors that are responsible for its occurrence and the consequences that will emerge from the same and last for a period of time. You will have to discuss what is the reason behind the cause, how it happened and why. This essay requires the students to conduct extensive research to determine why certain things happen in a specific way or manner. The students can pick a topic related to their scientific or historical studies, as there they can very easily point out specific trends and patterns. If you are facing difficulty in selecting a topic, then you can also seek assistance from the essay writers of assignment help in Australia.
  • Process Essay: This type of essay is very useful while explaining or teaching a person how to perform a particular piece of work. The work or task can be of any kind. Such as cooking a certain recipe, installing software on the computer, building a transmission, etc. If you are someone who is from a field that requires you to follow certain instructions. Then you must be proficient in writing down this type of essay.

These are the three basic types of essays that you must know about as a student. You can also learn about other such essays from our other blogs on the same.

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