Effective Ways To Promote Your Event On Social Platforms


Social media channels are an excellent platform for promoting an event. People are active on almost all social media platforms, scrolling and sharing posts unconsciously. Through this process of scrolling and sharing, if they stumble upon your event’s post, there is a high chance that they would share it with friends & family. However, it would help if you had a well-organized plan.

To assist you, we have created a well-organized plan that will undoubtedly give your event the boost on social media that you are looking for. So, let’s get going with it!

Guide To Promote Your Event On Social Media Platforms

Event promotion on social media platforms is tricky, and you need to have an A-plan to meet your targets in this field. 

1. Select The Social Media Platform

Some social media networks might be more beneficial than others for you, depending on your sector and target demographic. Usually, you should be covered if you can promote yourself on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Facebook: You can post event updates, interact with fans, and organize events. Using paid promotion, you can also direct your messaging to particular demographics.

Instagram: On this image-heavy social site, brands receive the highest engagement.

YouTube: A well-established video platform getting progressively friendlier to marketers and artists.

LinkedIn: An excellent option for business-to-business and industry networking, as well as for sharing corporate news and event announcements.

Twitter: Use postings and hashtags to generate enthusiasm before and during your event.

2. Create Your Event Hashtag

Create a hashtag that is concise, distinctive, and simple to grasp. Then, when you come up with a concept, follow it through! 

Include your hashtag in any posts that are related to your future event. Include it in the bios of all of your social media accounts. Promote your hashtag on all of your other communication platforms after that. These include the website for your event, advertising emails, printed materials, and more. Since videos are receiving more attention than ever, put the hashtag social wall in a prominent place where viewers can see it, like the footer or a corner.

Ensure your hashtag is noticeable during the event so that your attendees know to utilize it. Add it to handouts and project it on screens all over your venue.

3. Formulate Content Strategy Around User-Generated Content 

No online marketing strategy is complete without utilizing user-generated content. User-generated content is content created by social media users around brands using their hashtags. User-generated content can boost an event significantly since it uplifts audience engagement, does word-of-mouth marketing, encourages brand advocacy, builds trust & credibility, provides authentic content, and much more.  

However, while utilizing user-generated content, be aware that every social media platform promotes a different type of content. For example, on Twitter, you should keep it short, sweet, and occasionally quirky; on LinkedIn, you should aim for a more formal tone. The demographics of each social media platform should also be considered. Focus your marketing efforts on giving people more of what they want if you know who appreciates your content on particular platforms.

4. Post Previous Year Event’s Highlights

Videos are viral right now, which you may exploit to your advantage. First, create and edit a film of the highlights from the last event to demonstrate to your clients what they can anticipate from an event you are hosting. Then, share the video with your friends and followers by posting it to your Facebook and YouTube accounts. 

Make sure your thumbnail sticks out positively. Click-worthy videos always feature an attention-grabbing thumbnail that persuades viewers to push play. 

5.Organize A Giveaway

Social media giveaway contests are well-known for boosting brand awareness. And not just that it also helps convert followers to event attendees. 

Once they share, all of their followers’ attention will be on your company. With this, you may reach a significantly larger audience for the price of a few discounted tickets or items. Consider requesting gift products from your event’s sponsors in exchange for some extra publicity.

6. Unlock The Power Of Influencers

Influencers can increase the buzz surrounding your activities by having a well-known person promote your event to their audience. Developing connections with influential business leaders who can promote your event can encourage potential guests to sign up. Each social media platform has influencers, so it is simple to find many people who appeal to the same target demographic as you.

But for many, influencer marketing can be a scary and unknown journey, making it challenging to develop a solid plan. Make sure your approach includes finding the right influencers through research so that you and your events can collaborate in a mutually beneficial way.

Wrapping Up!

Promoting your event on social media platforms is something you should not miss out on. Bring all the above ideas into practice while implementing your event marketing strategy. We assure you that these ideas will reap benefits from your efforts.

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