Watch Gang Platinum review (2022): Is it worth it or not?


A wristwatch is something that makes you more elegant and stylish. Now, the value of the wristwatch is more than tracking time only. Most people have a collection of wristwatches of different colors. So that they can match the watch with their dress.

For making your wristwatch collection more elegant, you should contemplate a watch subscription service. All who want to know about the legitimacy of gang watch, get connected with us till the end!

What Is Watch Gang?

We will cover all aspects of watch gang from its subscription service to the watch gang platinum review. Watch gang is a sort of subscription service created by Matthew Gallagher back in 2016. This company is based in Los Angeles. Their subscription fee is from $74.99, $149.99, and $399.99 per month.

The owner of the company Matthew Gallagher loves wrist watches, from his childhood, he has had a passion for wrist watches, and he changed his passion into his work. They offer their customers top-quality watches with free shipping. In this way, people more like to have a collection of wristwatches. What levels are in the watch gang? watch gang offers you three kinds of watches. original, black, and platinum.

How Does it work:

Watch gang company offers its customers shipping of top-quality wrist watches through a lucky draw. They will send you a branded wristwatch at your home. But the quality of wrist watch depends on which subscription plan you have chosen.

They will change the type of wristwatch from time to time, so you can make a great collection of wristwatches at your home. You can match your watch with your dress.

Every person should have two wrist watches. One for daily wear and one for the occasional purpose. You can make your watch collection, and show your friends. Do most people ask Can you cancel watching gang? yes, you can cancel your order by emailing them a cancellation request.

Does everyone get the same watch on Watch gang?

The watch gang delivers different watches to its customers. It depends on your subscription plan which watches you will receive. They send a Rolex and Tag giveaways.

Subscription Tiers by Gang watch:

We will also share the watch gang platinum review with you but before that. let us tell you about the gang watch subscription tiers. Gang watch offers its customers three subscription tiers, you can pick what you want.

  • Original Tier
  • Black Tier
  • Platinum Tier

Original Tier:

  • For the original tier, the subscription fee is $49.99 per month. It is the lowest price plan for a brand new and trendy watch. A customer subscription fee can be reduced if they go for long subscription plans.
  • You can save 5% every month. If you choose a three-month subscription of $142.99.
  • You can save 10% on every month if you choose six months subscription of $269.99.

Black Tier:

  • The black tier wristwatch is considered the most elegant and beautiful watch. It is the trendiest wristwatch. It cost you only a $100 subscription fee, it can be reduced if you choose the long-term subscription plan.
  • A customer can save $30 if you choose a monthly plan of $549.99.
  • A customer can save $50 if you choose s $1099.99.

Platinum Tier:

Now, finally, we will share the watch gang platinum review. It has three different subscription plans for its customers. You can choose according to your need and wish.

  • A customer can save $30 if you choose a plan of three months for $ 899.99.
  • A customer can save $ 100 if you choose a six-month plan of $ 169.99.
  • A customer can save $200 if you choose a plan of one year $399.99.
  • Watch gang has a huge variety of top-quality wristwatches for you. They have quartz also. The style of the watch depends on the occasion where you want to wear it. Their collection of watches is classy and trendy.

Pros and Cons of Watch Gang:

There are some pros and cons of watching gangs. We will also share the watch gang platinum review.


  • Through watch gang, you can make an affordable collection of trendy wristwatches.
  • Watch gang offers you a three-month subscription plan. You can choose according to your budget.
  • A customer can also get a brand-new watch through a lucky draw.
  • Watch gang company delivers a brand-new wristwatch to your home according to the plan you subscribed to.


There are some cons of watch gang also. We have listed some of these below:

  • A customer cannot choose what kind of watch he wants at his doorstep.
  • They do not offer a refund policy.
  • Their refund policy is stickier if you are a prepaid subscriber.

Watch Gang Platinum Review:

Watch gang reviews are different from the watch gang platinum reviews. People like the subscription service of the platinum watch as compared to the other kinds of watches. The people who have less budget it is quite costly to choose. But for those who want to make a collection of watches, it is an easier way to complete your collection. On Reddit, people have debt about its subscription charges, some customers do not like their subscription fees. Because after that, you may have to compromise over the number of watches you receive at your doorstep from the watch gang. Overall, the watch gang is considered the worth way to make a great collection of watches if you have a passion for wrist watches.

Bottom line:

It was a disclosure about the watch gang and watch gang platinum review. If you ever buy from this company, share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.






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