Top Motivational & inspirational sites


Where to get online inspiration :

Every individual has its own meaning for these words like motivation and inspiration. Here are few mentioned sites that will help you to find your desired motivations and inspirations easily , the list mentioned here is not with sequence its depond upon reader that which site he prefer the most .

Top Sites For Motivation and Inspiration :

Overallmotivation –

It is an entertaining site where you can find different ways of motivation and inspiration such as you can see different type of motivational videos inspiring quotes related to homestyle and life as well. You can find best selling motivational books through this site as well.

John Wooden –

This is site of John Wooden which was a coach of UCLA , during his coaching period he won national basketball championship 10 times in 12 years. He was so courageous and a beautiful character .His ledder and all rules of success and winning are available on this site . He was so much successful that he was called by different motivational sites fir address . He was died on 4th of june 2010 . He will be remembered as one of the best coaches in basketball for all time .

Simon’s Cat –

Simon is a English man who loves british wildlife and enjoys painting  . He was a creator of a motivational site named ‘’simon’scat’’

He was fond of watching cartoons on TV , He always tried to get techniques and methods which was used on screen . He was also a great motivational speaker.

You can heal your life –

This is a motivational site which will encourage you to live your dreams and enjoy your every day as last day . This site also gives you chance to change your bad habbits by providing motivational content on the site.

Mel Robbins –

Mel Robbins was a betselling author , award winner from CNN and a vlogger . She is known as the inventor of life changing and deliver most viewed talks in the world . She is most viewed female motivational speaker of the world.


It is best site founded by a woman named Catherine Hughes in order to motivate and inspire all the women of the world to accomplish their dreams . This idea of making site and spread motivation to various parts of world began in a kitchen where 8 women were chatting in Heather’s house . The promise was made that each of us will do a thing which this world call impossible . This was the platform for these women which thought that it is too late to achive their dreams for which they lived in this world . This site encourage them to achive all of their dreams .

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