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Imagine Goa, with images of crazy parties, Candolim Beach Water Sports, flea market, tourists, and fresh seafood. This is India’s most popular tourist attraction, but the country’s coastline extends beyond the Arab Sea. You can visit many tourist attractions, including waterfalls and spice plants. Ayurvedic massages are possible. You can also walk through the Latin area.

COVID-19 has taken away the interest of those who want to travel, explore, and see the world. They value its beauty, heritage, beaches, nightlife, and other facets. We are sure that you will be so excited to go to Goa, and have an amazing time. This site is designed to help you remember Goa’s beauty and appeal, as well as the best places to visit. 


Panaji should be on your Goa travel list not only because it is the capital but also because there are many great places to visit for an unforgettable tour. It is a great place to spend a day at the beach of Miramar or take a stroll through Fontainhas, the Latin Quarter. Ornithologists, bird lovers and others who are interested in birds can visit Dr. Salim Ali Bird’s Sanctuary 7 km away. Here you will find migratory birds as well as common and common types of marsh-living birds.



Margao is not a place you should miss when visiting Goa. After visiting the city, you will see why it claims it is Goa’s cultural capital. The most prominent landmarks of the city include the Damodar Temple, the Church of the Holy Ghost and the House of Seven Gables. It is worth exploring the market to see the various species and dried fish. Margao is home to almost every Goa specialty, including Margao Curry. It’s interesting to learn that Margao Curry has been exported to Portugal.


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Vasco da Gama

You must visit Goa if you want to spend some time on its beaches. Cansaulim is a great spot to watch the sunset, while Hollant is a fun place for you and your friends to go on sandcastles. There are many other attractions, including the 400-year-old St. Andrews Church. The Museum of Naval Aviation is one of three in India. If you’re in Marz, you can visit the Shigmo festival which features street dances and colourful parades.



Mapusa Friday market is just one reason Mapusa should be on your Goa tour. The Friday market offers Goa’s spices and ready-to-eat fish, plants, chilies and casseroles. There are also sweets stalls that you can visit every Friday. You can find beaches such as Chapora and Vagator in the District Of Bardez.



Calangute Beach is one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches. This is why it has been turned into a Goa tourist Guide in Bardez. You will see many tourists and travellers on the same day, all having a great time. There are many bars, clubs, shows, open air dances, and shacks. You can also enjoy recreational activities like paragliding or water skiing.



Like Calangute and Candolim, Candolim is a popular tourist destination in Goa. Its main attraction is Candolim Beach. If you’re looking for a lively, noisy beach with lots of fun activities, there isn’t much here. If you are looking for a relaxing sunbath, there is plenty to do. You can take a dip, enjoy the sunset and have some fun. Another reason to visit the beach is the “River Princess”, a bulk vessel that ran approximately 100m from the coast. You can relax on a sunbed and watch the sunset and sun set.



If you went to Anjuna village in 1960s Goa, you would be in the middle of trance parties and hippies in psychedelic colours. All kinds of tourists from all over the world are now present, along with some relics of the hippy era. One way to experience this is the Flea market, which is open on Wednesdays. You can lay sarongs, sandalwood and leather products, as well as crystals & gemstones on many different objects. Anjuna Beach is another highlight, although it is less crowded than other Goa plays. In the evening, Curly is a great place to enjoy the trance atmosphere.



Bambolim is a top-ten destination for Goa’s beach. Bambolim is a white, sandy stretch of sand that includes boulders and coconut palm trees. It serves both an aesthetic and a functional purpose, such as providing shade from the noonday sun. You may occasionally see young girls and boys chilling out, but you will most often see fishermen getting ready to fish. Because it is so isolated, there are no salespeople or shacks. This makes it a great picnic spot for families in Goa. Bambolim Beach Resort offers a variety of cuisines from Goan to Continental delights.


Old Goa

Panaji was once not Goa Velha’s capital, but Goa Velha. This is now known as Old Goa. The city’s magnificent churches, cathedrals, beautiful convents and majestic architecture were a testament to its splendour. These extraordinary architectural elements make Old Goa a permanent fixture on every tour of the city. The Basilica Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral are today’s most popular tourist attractions. Both structures are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



You can also visit North Goa’s Ponda to see the temples, an ancient mosque and spectacular spice fields. The Sahakari Spice Farm is one of the best places to learn about a variety of spices. It is located in a lush rainforest garden. There are many vendors that sell spices and oils. Another spice farm is where you can see trees such as the Mexican Mirchi, Pepper Tree and Lavender Tree. It’s fascinating to see and learn about the many trees and plants that make our meals so delicious!

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