The Role Of ISO Certification In The Transport & Logistics Sector


Transport is the heart of India’s economy. Transportation & Logistics is a vital tertiary sector activity that links all other economic sectors. It facilitates international and domestic trade by removing all barriers to the exchange of commodities. Nowadays, merchandise is transported around the world via various means, including roads, sea, and air. To meet the primary concerns of safety, speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, it is necessary to comply with international benchmarks like ISO Certification.

Why ISO Certification Is Important For Transport & Logistics?

Transport & Logistics are one of the riskiest industries. The coordination and cooperation of many supply chain participants are required to ensure that the merchandise moves from point of supply to point of use. There is high concern about the safety and efficacy of logistics services. All the above-mentioned aspects can only be guaranteed by the widely regarded benchmarks. Here comes the ISO certification in India. The ISO logo will convince clients that the services offered by the logistics company meet international standards.

What Is The Role Of ISO Certification In Transport & Logistics Services?

The ISO standards for logistics are a significant improvement in the efficiency of transportation and logistics businesses. This can be seen at every stage of the supply chain.

  • The ISO standards are extremely important in connecting custom ports to railway networks.
  • The ISO certification standards also help to build an efficient system that supports linkage between airfreight cargo, and the roadways transportation network.
  • ISO certification allows for greater proficiency in the delivery of consignments.
  • The incredible tool of ISO standards is to ensure cooperation and effectiveness across the entire inventory network. An ISO-certified logistics company can fulfill its commitment to interlink shipping companies and custom ports with the end consumers.
  1. Which Iso Certification Standards Are Suitable For A Logistics Company?

Many ISO Management System standards have been developed for transport & logistics businesses. Below are the top ones that will work best for the Transport & Logistics sector.

ISO 9001 For Quality Management 

Your logistics services will be certified ISO 9001 to prove they are customer-focused and focused on delivering quality services. This comprehensive ISO Standard ensures that the best practices are followed to increase productivity, drive continuous improvement, and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management 

The ISO 14001 Standard can help you evaluate, screen, and minimize the negative environmental impact of logistics activities. You can improve your client’s image by implementing efficient natural resource management and effective waste management. This will allow you to grow your client base and help you identify new cost-saving methods.

ISO 45001 For Occupational Safety And Health

ISO 45001 is a worldwide standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. It provides a practical solution to improving the safety and health of employees and others. The ISO 45001 standard applies to all companies, regardless of their size or nature.

Training in ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is provided to enable the organization to improve its safety and occupational health performance, to prevent injury and ill health.

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