Step by step guide to apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship

Steps involved to apply for the Erasmus scholarship


Every student dreams to pursue career opportunities that will make their future a brighter one and search for opportunities to make their dreams come true. Many international universities and platforms provide scholarship opportunities to students who want to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Erasmus Mundus scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that accepts applications from almost all over the world, mostly EU countries.

We will discuss some of the details of the Erasmus scholarship application in the upcoming paragraphs.

Steps involved to apply for the Erasmus scholarship

Like any other scholarship application, the Erasmus scholarship application is also a lengthy and time-consuming procedure. Students must take plenty of time to fill the application form and arrange the necessary documents. Skipping any of the required documents or detail may lead to the disapproval of the application.

Below are some of the important factors you must read before you start applying for the scholarship.

1. Selection of subject

Erasmus Mundus joint scholarship provides a variety of subjects and programs for the students. Select your subject you want to study abroad according to your course level. On the Erasmus website subject catalogue is available from where students can search for the programs and study field. You can optimize your search by mentioning the year you want to start your degree, course level, country, university name, ECTS credits, and year of project selection.

2. Learn the program objectives

When you search for the program, you will get a detailed list of the program with their names and links to the website. Click on the website link and learn more about the course objectives. You will get detailed knowledge about the course you are applying for and what subjects and electives you will study when you get the scholarship.

3. Program requirements and eligibility criteria

On the website of the selected program, you will get the program requirements. The requirements may include the detail of prerequisite subjects and the English proficiency requirements before you apply for the course study the requirements in detail.

4. Prepare documents

For every scholarship, a list of documents is necessary to submit. Erasmus scholarship also demands a list of documents. The required documents may vary from country to country. Students in Pakistan who want to study abroad or get the Erasmus scholarship must contain certain documents. You can get detailed information about the required documents from educational consultants in Pakistan, so you do not miss any chances of losing the scholarship opportunity.

Below are some of the documents that are a must to submit with the Erasmus application form.

a) Original transcripts

Students applying for the scholarship must attach their transcripts from the last institution they attended.  The original transcript is scanned and attached to the online application form. Your scanned transcript must be clear, and the institutional name and logo must be visible.

b) The first page of the passport

Some of the programs demand the passport initially, while some ask for the passport in later steps. Students have to attach the first page of their passport containing their picture to the application form. A passport is necessary to prove that you belong to one of the eligible countries.

c) Reference letter from the last institution attended

Graduate students are requested to attach a reference letter from their last institution attended. The reference letter must contain the professor’s email Id, designation and contact number. Keep in mind that the letterhead of the reference letter must include the institute logo.

d) Reference letter from the office head (if any)

Suppose you are a graduate and are working with an organization. It is essential to attach a reference letter from your boss containing your designation and the responsibilities. If you are not working in any organization, then, in that case, you can attach two reference letters from your university professors.

e) CV

Provide a professional CV in your application form. Remember that your CV is updated, and all your work experience and educational details, skills, certifications and achievements are in it.

f) Motivational letter/ personal statement

One of the primary documents is your personal statement or motivational letter. It is one of the factors that decide whether you will get the scholarship or not. Some students couldn’t score well in their academic careers, but they still get the scholarship. It is because of their motivational letter. They prove themselves one of the eligible candidates for the scholarship by choosing appropriate words in the motivational letter.

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5. Register online

Once you have all your documents ready and you are sure about the course and program you are applying for. Register yourself online. You will have your profile from where you can view your application progress.

6. Fill the application form

You can apply for a maximum of three programs. Once you decide on the list of your program, go to the program’s website and start your online application and attach all the documents and fill in the details.

7. Review your application form and submit

It is better to review your application when you complete it. Do check your application form before submitting it. Pakistani students willing to apply for the scholarship can hire experts to do the application procedures to get study visa Erasmus Mundus scholarship will help you progress your application.

Post application probabilities

After the successful submission of the application form, you come across two probabilities post application submission. One is that you will get a call or an email about the approval or disapproval. And the second probability is that you will be on the waiting list, which means you will get the scholarship when someone backs out from the scholarship. Stay prepared for any of the probabilities and stay in contact with the experts to take the next steps.

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