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No regulation says you have to have an agent, but having one may make what can be a complex and confusing process much more manageable.

A skilled agent will also negotiate on your behalf to secure the most advantageous terms possible—other methods to discover an agent besides asking for a recommendation. Let’s look at a handful of them, along with the kind of agent you’ll need and the traits you should be looking for when you find a real estate agent.

Purchaser’s Representative

A buyer’s agent is a real estate agent whose client is the buyer. It involves locating properties within the buyer’s price range, setting up viewings, taking the lead during the offer phase, and negotiating on the buyer’s behalf with the seller to secure the best possible price and terms. After an offer is accepted, the agent will walk the buyer through the closing steps.

How can you know whether a real estate agent is right for me?

“You want someone who is going to bargain for you and have your best interest in mind,” this is a quote that you should keep in mind when you find a real estate agent.

Consider these factors when you search for an agent.

1.Each state has its licencing requirements for real estate agents. You may verify a real estate agent’s licencing status by visiting the website of your state’s real estate commission. Some professions in the field of real estate may also be designated as Realtors. By joining the NAR, they’ve passed the required exams and are also active participants in the Realtor community. They promise to abide by a code of ethics that has been established to keep you safe at all times.

2.Understanding of the market. You need someone who knows the local housing market inside and out. A knowledgeable realtor can offer you an idea of the market, including how long homes are generally on the market and whether or not they sell for the asking price, more than the asking price, or at a discount. If you’re selling a property, this will help you set the right price, and if you’re buying, this will help you formulate a winning offer.

3.When buying or selling a home, time is of the essence, so you’ll want to know how to interact with your agent most effectively. How about we communicate through text, email, or phone? Some of each? Ensure your agent is aware of and agreeable to your chosen contact method.

4.When purchasing or selling a house, you are an experienced realtor’s assistance may be invaluable. Agents with more experience have also had the opportunity to expand their personal and professional networks. If you’re selling, this can assist attract potential buyers, and if you’re looking to buy, you can use it to learn about upcoming properties.

5.You might have to look at many residences before locating one you like. Choose a realtor who can accommodate your schedule for viewing homes.

6.When working with a real estate agent to sell your property, their proposed marketing strategy must fit your goals. If you want to be sure your home is priced correctly, you should find out how much other homes like yours have sold in the area recently. Get on the same page as your realtor regarding the timeline for selling your house and find out how they intend to attract buyers.

7.Comfort zone, this is because “this is not only a significant financial choice, but there are also a lot of emotions involved,” Jones emphasised the need for empathy and understanding. Therefore, choosing a coworker you get along with, can be open and honest with, and who will do the same for you is essential. Look for someone who can accommodate your preferences and demands.


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