New best feature of Microsoft windows


As the world forwarding to technologies there are also advancement in the field of computers. The backbone of a computer known as window which operates the whole system updated day by day with new creative features and advanced tools to make easy for users to operate the computer system smoothly. The best of all windows form the years is known as Microsoft windows, it is the most wanted and successful window from the very beginning and till now. Microsoft windows are referred as the best window of all time. It introduces many new features in its windows updates. Few of these high quality features will be described as under:

Windows edge:

During the updates of Microsoft windows, windows edge known software used for browsing or downloading something was updated. Windows edge which was known as windows explorer in early windows has many creative features which is loved by the users because it gave them easiness to work properly and smoothly. Windows edge is very faster and advanced then windows explorer. Windows edge is giving users a perfect look and a far better experience than windows explorer. It is built to give users faster results and its clean look takes the love of users.

Multiple platforms on same operating system:

In the previous Microsoft windows the operating system was not performing well on laptops, desktops and on tablets as well.  It was just working well for just few of these electrical devices, but now it is updated and working incredibly well in laptops tablets as well as in desktops. This is a new best feature which is the center point for all the users to update their Microsoft windows to enjoy the best experience of Microsoft windows. This updated feature can allow a user to use same windows in all his electrical devices like laptops and tablets.

Gaming Experience:

In the updated windows of Microsoft gaming experience is far better than the windows used in past. The updated windows give a better experience in sound quality because of advancement in sound drivers. The graphics in the updated version of Microsoft windows taking gaming experience on another level. High quality games like PUBG, Call of duty requires a very good graphic platforms which Microsoft windows are providing, this is the reason why all the streamers playing games online on YouTube are using Microsoft windows on their tablets and desktop systems. In updated Microsoft windows graphics are very smooth for this reason game is playing very smoothly and faster than the previous windows.

Start Menu:

The start menu in the updated windows is also advanced and has a very good look. Its colors are so beautiful than the last windows. There are many advanced features are also provided in the start menu. You can bookmark the application in the start menu to open them quickly. As you search for anything in the start menu it will start searching when you write even few letters and its searching process is very fast than the previous window.

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