Issues in a Course in Civil Engineering in India


Civil Engineering in india is a good branch for studying and having practical knowledge about construction sites and development. They are actual people who make attractive bridges, roads, tracks, monuments, buildings, and so many things.

If you want to become a good civil engineer, then learn Staad pro online. We see the result of a civil engineer but can’t see their process and labor. They must go through a difficult phase while constructing objects or buildings.

Civil Engineers work with their life or health at stake. In this article, we will learn about the issues in a course in civil engineering in India.

Some Common Challenges

Here are some of the common problems faced in the civil engineering field:

  1. The working hours of civil engineers are not constant. Most days, they need to work for 12 to 14 hours. While in some cases, they need to work till midnight or late at night.
  2. Civil Engineering is one of the highest demanding jobs in the world. Hence you will rarely get any days off or holidays from your working hours.
  3. The Civil Engineering sector is a dominant male sector. You will find very few female coworkers on the construction site or even while doing the course of civil engineering.
  4. You have to deal with many people with different responsibilities, like project managers, the workforce, clients, and third parties.
  5. In this job, you need to use a lot of your energy. It would be best to stand and supervise for almost the entire day while labor is working on site.
  6. The salary of a civil engineer might be inconsistent.
  7. You will get a transfer from one place to another place very frequently. You can’t stay in your original home.
  8. There is a disconnection between what is taught and what needs to be taught in major engineering colleges. Due to this, many civil engineers won’t find a good job to work even after the huge demand in this sector.
  9. Every civil engineering college focuses less on practical or industrial training in India.
  10. There is a lack of quality work from the existing companies. The main reason is that they use substandard materials in the construction process. Hence the buildings and bridges are not so strong.
  11. Working as a civil engineer in India is very difficult because they provide no safety to daily wage laborers at the construction site.
  12. We all know that the green building concept and fundamentals are very important to balance the ecological system of nature. Most countries have widely accepted it, but India is behind it.

Managing Contracts

A civil engineer works on several projects, and in some projects, contractual disputes may occur. This dispute can arise on work related to onsite property damage and the problem with the craftsmanship. You will have no solution to solve these disputes because it has not been taught to you during the graduate program. But you need to handle this situation; otherwise, you will face a heavy loss. Civil Engineers need to manage with some third-party workers like electricians, plumbers, suppliers of raw materials, painters, etc.


Above are some of the issues every civil engineer must face while working on a construction site. Every issue has a solution if the teaching method leans toward practical rather than theoretical knowledge.

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