How to make Weight Loss part of a Lifestyle


Most people today are constantly worried about their weight and their looks. No thanks to social media, the constant need to look presentable and fashionable has made things worse for men and women. Some people take this to an extreme extent, making them try crash diets and other fads. 


Even though being thin or heavy does not need to define who or how a person is, it is still important to maintain good health and well-being of the body. Many weight loss programs in the market today help people lose weight in a healthy and sustained manner, unlike the fashionable diet trends and fads in circulation that only provide short-term results. 


When it comes to weight loss, it must be long-term and sustainable to achieve the maximum benefits from the program. 


Weight Loss Program Fundamentals


In a weight loss program, the guidance or mentorship is mostly provided by doctors and weight loss specialists assisted by nutritionists and lifestyle coaches who provide a holistic approach towards weight loss. 


Although there are many ways to lose weight naturally or through dieting, exercising and a combination of both, enrolling in a weight loss program can provide a complete perspective of one’s own health, address any underlying health issue and also provide measures to sustain the weight loss and make a complete lifestyle around it. 


Weight loss is important for maintaining good health. In many cases, doctors recommend losing at least 3 to 5% of body weight before they offer any solution for lifestyle disorders such as Diabetes, PCOS, Blood Pressure, bone-related issues, etc. 


These lifestyle disorders are usually linked to high BMI or body weight which puts pressure on the organs and therefore creates comorbidities such as these. Even heart and cholesterol-related issues can benefit from losing some weight. But weight loss in itself may not be the answer.


Some online programs only focus on temporary kilo loss or inch loss but what a patient requires is a complete health solution that focuses on gaining muscle and not breaking down healthy muscle in order to lose fat. 


Exercise, meditation and other stress-relieving activities help in maintaining good cortisol levels that promote health and well-being, which is as much important for the body as weight loss. 


Benefits of Using an Online Weight Loss Program


An online weight loss program is one of the best ways to ensure that, as a patient or client, one is able to put in consistent effort into losing weight. Unlike going to a gym or following a diet at home, a weight loss program ensures that a person shows up for appointments online, consultations with dietitians, live sessions with health coaches and even online fitness sessions. 


This also helps build morale and motivates as the client gets to interact with different stakeholders daily and discuss daily activities and steps taken towards health improvement, track the progress and discuss developments or future courses of action based on how well the client is doing. 


These measures make the client more invested in the program, and research suggests that users who benefit from day-to-day participation lose around 6% of their body weight more than those who are inactively pursuing weight loss. 

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