Best Electric Shavers for Men: Types of Electric Shavers


Head Electric Shaver for Men on the basis of their function and design are commonly grouped into two major types. Let’s read the content.

These two types are not enough for the proper classification of all electrical shavers out there, because there are slight variations in their different ways of operation. This variation can come from cleaning to power and ease of usage but at the end of the day, the best type of Head Shaver will completely be purposed based. So, obviously, there will be not one general best, just the best one that serves your purpose.

(1) Foil Shavers: 

Head Shaver for Men on the basis of their function and design are commonly grouped into two major types. Let’s read the content. are simply a type of Head Shaver for Men that has a thin foil covering that offers a layer of protection between the skin and the blade. The blades move in a linear motion, i.e., up and down to trim the hair that comes in between the foil. Foil shavers are perfect for shaving the head as because of the flat metal covering in them, they can shave a larger area of even shape contouring. Also, owing to their thin metal foil, foil shavers are also suitable for sensitive skin.

Electric Shavers

(2) Rotary Shavers:

You also get Head Shaver which has a rotary shaver instead of the foil shavers. They have discs rather than a flat metal piece that comes in between the rotating blades and the skin. A rotary shaver consists of three discs that can bend to adjust to difficult areas like the chin better than a foil shaver.

Owing to the rotation of the blade, a rotary shaver demand shaving in a circular pattern instead of a linear pattern.  If not done properly, it may result in a painful shave with some razor cuts.

(3) Wet Electric Shavers:

A wet Head Shaver for Men is so designed that it can be used alongside shaving products like shaving creams and water. Is your shaving time the same as your shower time? Do you like to slather some shaving cream on before you shave? Then, a wet shaver is ideal for you. If you have sensitive skin, wet shavers are ideal for you as they allow some skin treatment while you shave. You can purchase either wet shavers or dry shavers as per your convenience and requirement.

(4) Dry Electric Shavers:

In sharp contrast to wet shavers, you cannot use dry Head Shaver with other products. Using it this way will definitely hinder their functioning. If you are one of them who rather prefers a very quick shave without paying much attention to skin prep, then a dry shaver will be the perfect choice for you. Check to see whether the shaver you select is a dry or a wet shaver before making a purchase.

(5) Battery, plugged-in and corded electric shavers:

An Electric Head Shaver for Men could either have a battery pre-installed in it or needs to be plugged in and corded. The battery and plugged-in variation have a battery pre-installed in them. But if you opt for a corded one, you need to plug in the shaver during use.

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Things to consider before purchasing a Head Shaver

(1) Be ready to spend some money on a good one: Once you have made up your mind to purchase an Electric Head Shaver , you should know that if you are looking for the best, you should be willing to spend some money as well. Yes, high-priced does not always mean better. But, at the same time, it involves some costs to add enhanced features to prior versions of electric shavers, and this is the reason why some of the new models are priced a bit higher than the previous ones.

(2) Look at the razor: Never spend it all simply on the wordings of the manufacturer who claims a newer model to be different and an improved version. More often than not, whether an Electric Head Shaver is perfectly suited for you or not depends mainly on the razor technology. Essentials clothing also offering shaver products, you may sometimes find that the improvements are made not in the razor technology, but in some other features like the power, the body, and so on. These things might not seem that important to you. And so spending extra money on it is definitely not considered a worthy investment.

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(3) Know your scalp type: Some scalps can be prone to having bumps and razor cuts. Yes, there are products available that can help treat these things but it is always advisable to stay away from these things rather than treating them. Also, there are electric Head Shaver for Men that care for the skin rather than being harsh on the skin and thus preventing the occurrence of cuts and shaving bumps. You should also make sure that the blade is also sharp. A good idea here will be to have a self-sharpening razor on an electric shaver, especially for sensitive skin.

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