A Buyer’s Guide To Buying Your First Baby Stroller


The right stroller can make all the difference in how easy and accessible your daily life with your baby is, from walks in the park to treks through the mall.

Here is a complete guide question considering the important factors of buying a baby stroller that works best for your baby and your family.

Where To Use it?

There are a lot of mid-range models that can be big and bulky — not ideal if you’re navigating narrow city streets. However, a smaller umbrella stroller may not be suitable if you need a stroller basket large enough to hold your handbag, diaper bag, and other things. It can be a straight face battle not knowing where you can use your stroller.

How Long Are You Planning to Use It?

There are models of baby strollers that can be expensive. But if you plan to use it from birth to toddlerhood, you could save money in the long run. If you are considering the same stroller for more than one child, it is a viable option to look for a model that lasts longer and which you can add to, like a car seat, a stand-and-ride bumper, or an extra seat for a new baby.

Is It Easy To Use?

Once you’ve researched and narrowed down your options, take a test drive to see how your top picks compare. A smooth, gleaming showroom floor may not disclose how a specific model would perform on uneven sidewalks or steep terrain. Can you handle it well? Can it be moved with one hand? How well does it turn in a tight space?

Is It Friendly For Newborns?

Check the small print. Some strollers feature a bassinet mode or a deep recline, allowing you to place a newborn in them from day one without needing additional accessories. But many models, such as the lightweight portable stroller are better for babies who can control their necks or can almost sit up without help, which usually doesn’t happen until month 6. Some models may not be ready for an infant until you attach a car seat or an optional bassinet, so make sure you know what you’re getting before you buy.

Can It Be Folded Or Unfolded 

When you need to fold or unfold the stroller, you’ll probably be holding a baby and other things, so the easier it is, the better. Strollers can fold using just one hand, but you should try it out before you run out. 

Is It Light To Carry?

We are not talking about the glass bottles for juice that you may carry for occasions. But it is when you’re traveling using the stroller, less weight is better. But pay attention to the details because some manufacturers call a stroller that weighs 25 pounds light, while others can weigh as little as 12 pounds. For example, living in a city can make a big difference when you’re carrying a baby, a diaper bag, and a stroller up endless stairs or squeezing onto the subway.

Do You Need Another One?

You might want an umbrella stroller for the road and a full-sized one for busy days. Some families can’t get by with just one stroller, no matter how well made. If that’s the case, you might want to split your budget for strollers. You might need a basic full-size model for your home and a separate umbrella stroller for traveling.

Does It Have A Washable Cloth?

We all know that babies are messy. When you add baby’s messes, like snack crumbs and snot, to normal wear and tear, your stroller will get beat up. A model with fabric that is easy to clean will help your stroller last longer.

Does It Have Quality Wheels?

You won’t go far enough with wheels that aren’t very strong. They get stuck on uneven surfaces, like bumpy sidewalks, and are more likely to break like glasses that are not placed properly in one of those mdf box manufacturer you often see.

How Much Is Your Budget?

Prices for strollers vary a lot. And while expensive models often have extra features like adjustable handlebars, rain shields, large undercarriages, and even more than one seat, these features aren’t always needed.

Do The Hinges And Edges unsharpen?

You must check the hinges and the edges. The nooks and crannies of any baby product can be tricky. Still, strollers require extra attention. Using caution around them, small fingers and toes can become entangled in protrusions and sharp edges.

What Is Your Family Size?

Consider your preferred family size before concluding. If you intend to have more than one child in the future, investing extra in a model that can eventually accommodate more children is often prudent. Though you’ll have to bear a higher price tag initially, it will ultimately prevent you from purchasing many strollers.

Does It Fit To Your Lifestyle?

Do you plan to use it a lot, almost every day? Or do you just need a stroller for short trips out? Other aspects of your lifestyle to consider: Can you take your stroller with you in your car? Or will you carry it around the city, up subway stairs, and in and out of apartments? If you answer these questions, you can figure out if you should go for simple, lightweight models or if you can handle a heavier model with all the bells and whistles.


A stroller is a perfect solution because it makes it easier to move around without making the kids tired. Most strollers have a storage space at the bottom, making them great for shopping while your child rides safely and comfortably.

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